Kowloon Market [UE4]


For this project I was inspired by various market streets that are close to my home in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Kowloon is part of the lesser-known side of Hong Kong to tourists, and contains much older architecture and infrastructure.

Many of the buildings here date to the immediate post-war era construction boom, and often times show that age quite visibly; many of these structures follow a very simple and purposely repetitive design. Open air markets are common here, and are where are large portion of the local population shop for food and supplies.



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  1. Care June 21, 2017


    Well done, Lion Rock Games. Quite professional looking.

    I would recommend that you slow down the ‘fly through’ as it is too fast to really take in all the details of the fabulous work that you did.

    I especially appreciate that you can see the reflection of other buildings in the windows!

    Love to see more work from you soon.

  2. Gary July 23, 2017

    Awesome, this rocks. Need some space Marines walking around! LOL

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